Koloh De'Yaacov Weekly Dvar Torah Sheets - B Z Goldberg


A unique Jewish learning source, these outstanding weekly 'Divrei Torah' sheets, based on the current weeks parsha, (ideal for provoking in-depth Friday-night-dinner discussions) have kindly been produced by Reb Binyomin Zev Goldberg for Kol Yaacov.

The Koloh D'Yaakov weekly Dvar Torah sheet offers a unique insight into the writings of leading Torah commentators, culled from a variety of sources. The author skilfully synthesises the original Hebrew and his interpretation, to create readable, yet thoroughly grounded in the sources, Divrei Torah.

The ideas are based on the weeks Torah portion and range from the parables of the Dubno Maggid, to the profound depths of Rabbi Shimshon Pincus and his essays on Jewish thought, with the novel interpretations of Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin also featuring.

The structure of the weekly sheet remains the same each week. This structure, a long, medium and short Dvar Torah, ensures space for in-depth analysis whilst providing some compact yet delightful comments. The Koloh D'Yaakov truly has a time-less and age-less appeal; young and old can gain in their Torah study from it, and many already do using this as their basis for a dvar Torah that they say at the Shabbos table.

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